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Dr Andy Moorhouse on piano ...

BBC radio docs on sound:

- presented by Prof Trevor Cox

Acoustic FAQ

Breaking glass

You may also wish to visit out Sounds Amazing site which provides teaching resources for science for 11+ and some great videos.

Common questions

Does a duck's quack echo?

How do you breaking glass with sound?

How do I make a clarinet from vegetables?

Room Acoustics

How do I design a studio?

How do I select the right room dimensions for a studio or listening room?

Concert hall acoustics exhibition

What is reverberation?

Why are lateral reflections important in concert halls?

How do auditoria achieve low background noise levels?

How does loudness (volume) affect the quality of a concert?

How is a concert hall tested before being built?

Has concert hall acoustics affected the music people have composed?

How are surfaces used to improve concert hall sound?

How are diffusers designed?

Audio and Acoustics

What are decibels and how do we use them?

A Beginner’s Guide to Loudspeakers

A Beginner’s Guide to Microphones

The Principles of Sound Synthesis


What is Sodar

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