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Engenious stories

Engenious Stories is a group of short films, telling engineers' personal stories of what inspired them or what interests them now. The project was funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering and the EPSRC. All these films were made in a digistories workshop, run by Barrie Stephenson, who used to work for the BBC.

The workshop enables people to turn photos and images they have into a film by taking them through the process of writing and recording a narrative script, then matching this to the edited pictures using common softtware.

The engineers who participated in this project come from all walks of life and had very different approaches to the making of their films, but all enjoyed the experience and hopefully you will enjoy watching them. They can be grouped into the follwing categories

Engineering Experiences

Chance, Opportunity and Hedging Bets

The story of John Cuckson, an engineer who travelled the world on the passport of his engineering skills.

Engineering Baby

How Professor Trevor Cox's parents helped his scientific curiosity

New in Japan

Zoe Stec's Story of trying to sell new equipment in Japan



Addicted to Sound

Neil Bruce's journey from an interest in unusual music to a career in Acoustic Engineering

Sound's so bad

The srory of how playing in a band led Jon Hargreaves to a career in Acoustic Engineering

The Whole Nine Volts

Charlie Mydlarz's career started at a car boot sale....


Civil Engineering/Transport

Around the World

Briony Croft has travelled round the world and is interested in many modes of transport.

An Engineer's portrait

The story of a career in the railway industry in England. Phil Crawshaw bases his digital story on a pencil portrait given to him when he retired from the Doncaster Works.

It took a lot of explaining

A book changed Carolyn Dougherty's life



Bah-bah and Di-di-dah

A radio engineer whose career was formed when he recited a nursery rhyme as a young boy. John Proudler tells his digital story of his love for sound, radio and job at the BBC.

The Reel Thing

The story of a youthful dream that came true. Jeremy Powell's Digital Story charts his career through broadcast engineering to the silver screen.


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