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Careers in Acoustics, Audio and Video

Tim Boniface at desk at Glastonbury

Our graduates have an excellent track record of finding well paid jobs. The 2007 graduate destination survey shows a starting salary range between £18,000 to £28,000. Once again, BSc(Hons) Acoustics shows 100% of graduates were in work 6 months after graduation.

A survey of 500 electroacoustic, acoustic and audio technology alumni  from Salford University found 1 in 5 live outside the UK and 45% are in Senior jobs or are Directors. The 6 most popular industries were: research (15%), environmental (11%), university (10%), construction (9%), architecture (9%) and consumer electronics (6%).

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The Wikipedia pages for Acoustic Engineering, Audio Engineering and Acoustics also indicate the diverse range of jobs people who work in acoustics and audio work in.