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Jobs - Acoustic engineering and noise consultancy

Andrew Fermer Acoustic  testing at the Lowry theatre

The design of recording studios, noise barriers alongside motorways and sound systems in stadia is usually undertaken by acoustic consultants. They provide expert advice on sound to architects and other designers, and your ability to work creatively with other experts is key to being successful. Consultancy is probably the most popular destination for our graduates - many senior consultants in leading UK companies were trained at Salford. Work involves a mixture of measurement (e.g. speech intelligibility applied to school's acoustics), assessment (e.g. noise from wind farms or airports), design work (e.g. designing walls in a cinema to prevent sound passing from one screen to another or vibration isolation to reduce noise levels in a concert hall) and legal work (e.g. representing clients in neighbourhood noise disputes)

To become a consultant, study the BEng Audio Acoustics with the acoustic engineering pathway. Some consultants like a postgraduate qualification such as our MSc Environmental Acoustics. Alternatively, try the IoA Diploma.

Some companies who have employed our graduates: Arup, BAP, BDP, Blue Tree Acoustics, Galloway Acoustics, Hann Tucker, Hepworth Acoustics, Sandy Brown Associates, Sound Research Labs, Spectrum Acoustics, WS Atkins, AECOM

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