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Graduate Profiles

Robert Bantin , BSc(Hons) Audio Technology, Philips Research Labs, Holland

"Having come from a physics and music background, I decided to look for a course that was scientific in nature that could also satisfy my musical interests. There were many "studio engineering" courses available, but none of these had the serious physics edge that I was looking for. After hearing my dilemma, my career guidance councillor said simply one word; "Salford".

Initially I was in no mind as to what my real strengths were. Luckily, they show you a lot here, and it was nice watching everyone develop their own corners of expertise over the three years. Mine was digital signal processing, and even though it was taught from an introductory level, the staff were always keen to help me pursue this area further. The result is that I now work at the cutting edge of that field, and love every minute of it."