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Jobs - Broadcast Engineering

This involves providing technical support to broadcasters of TV, IPTV, mobile TV, film and radio. Examples of this type of work are:

  • Designing, developing and installing new broadcast facilities and networks.
  • Operations and content production - providing engineering support in TV and radio studios.
  • Research and development of next-generation broadcasting.

We have co-developed a course with BBC Future Media and Technology. This is an ideal entry path for BBC jobs and careers in other firms needing broadcast engineers including those at MediaCityUK. You can find details of this Digital Broadcast Technology Degree. If you are looking for a career in Digital Broadcast Engineering, then this course is for you.

Some companies who have employed our graduates: BBC, Dolby, HTC, Netizen, Motorola, Nokia, Panasonic, Philips, Sky TV , Sony Interactive, Unique Broadcasting, Bloomberg TV, Ioko, 3T

BBC Broadcast Engineer Trevor Bishop discusses his job

The story of a youthful dream that came true. Jeremy Powell's Digital Story charts his career through broadcast engineering to the silver screen.

A radio engineer whose career was formed when he recited a nursery rhyme as a young boy. John Proudler tells his digital story of his love for sound, radio and job at the BBC

BBC in Manchester & Media City Salford

Set for completion in 2011, the Media City UK site at Salford Quays will be home to five major BBC departments including Children's, Sport, New Media, Five Live and Research and Development. In addition, some of the World's biggest companies in broadcasting and new media will call Media City their home. Salford University has received a massive seal of approval for our innovative education centre at Media City UK, with an £8m grant from the Higher Education Funding Council for England, and are working closely with the BBC to nurture students looking for jobs within Media City. Currently, it's planned to deliver some of the final year of the Digital Broadcast Technology Degree on site at MediaCity and discussions are on-going about placements.

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