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Graduate Profiles

Richard Colegate, BSc (Hons) Audio Technology, managing his own company Concert Productions Systems, UK

"We set CPS up when I was studying at Salford and my business partner was studying in London. We had been working together for a couple of years prior to that, but fitting it around studying was still quite a challenge - I was covering up to 1000 miles a week on some occasions and averaging at least 600 miles on a quiet week. One of my most vivid memories is leaving a lecture (with a fellow student) one afternoon and driving to London to do a 1 night show, which at the last minute got a licence extension granted - the knock on effect of this was that by the time the show was over and we had dismantled the PA etc and the rest of the crew were driving back down to Bournouth, myself and Tim were on the way back to Manchester, through the morning Rush Hour traffic.

I gained an awful lot from my time at Salford, including the student life and a number of very good friends who I still keep in touch with. I learnt a huge amount from the pro's like Bill Davies and Trevor Cox. I also found the guest lecturers very interesting in providing a "real world" aspect to some of the theory."