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Entertainment Audio and Sound System Engineering

Testing audio system

Audio plays an important part in many forms of entertainment. Graduate roles include:

  • Ensuring that cinema audio is of high quality.
  • Sound design for computer games, game consols and mobile devices.
  • Sound engineering in a recording studio.
  • Designing and installing public address systems.
  • Designing and installing sound systems for gigs.
  • Digital manipulation & mixing of sound.

To enter entertainment audio and sound system engineering, study either Audio Acoustics degree taking the audio engineering pathway or Professional Sound and Video technology degree Alternatively, our MSc Audio Production and MSc PSVT are available for postgraduates.

Some companies who have employed our graduates: Amek, AMS-Neve, Arbiter Group, Codemasters, Dolby, D & T Electronics

Many acoustic consultancies also carry out sound system design for large concert venues

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