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Graduate Profiles

Dan Gardner, BSc(Hons) Audio Technology, Codemasters

"When I choose to do the Audio Tech degree at Salford it was primarily because I was so interested in sound from the most technical scientific to the creative aspects. I just wanted to understand how sound really worked and become confident in it's manipulation/control and I feel that the course gave the me the understanding I was looking for and alot more.

I have now been working at Codemasters, I was employed here as a Sound Designer for their video games, the most famous game probably being Colin McRae Rally and more recently TOCA Race Driver.

My work involves creating the audio content for the games we release and this will involve location/foley recording of spot effects(eg.footsteps, shouts, smashes, animals), speech/dialogue recording of voice-over artists/actors and celebrities in various different studios, recording of lots of sports cars in a semi-anechoic purpose built recording studio, designing/implementation and testing of the ingame audio systems, upgrading/building new sound systems/studios to keep up to date with the ever-changing games industry, the sourcing/creating and mixing of all ingame sound FX using computers and other audio equipment and also the mixing of any ingame movie cut-scenes into Stereo/Pro-Logic and 5.1 surround dependant on final game platform.

The course at Salford has helped me enormously to enter this field and I already have a very good understanding of all aspects of audio including audio compression techniques (trying to get everything into very small audio memory limits), modelling of real-world acoustic behaviour (to try and simulate this as close as possible, within the game world), knowledge of different surround sound techniques, the ability to use and feel at home in various recording studios, the knowledge of audio equipment specifications to aid selection/design or purchase of new devices/accessories, audio programming techniques which greatly aid communication with the game programmers, not forgetting the knowledge/abilities I gained from the course for when it comes to diagnosing acoustic (or any audio) problems that occur here.

The course at Salford and the high standards of lecturing and practical work gained whilst there has given me these extremely valuable tools, allowing me to feel confident and knowledgable when working with other audio professionals."