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Graduate Profiles

Steven Gates , BSc (Hons) Electroacoustics (now BSc (Hons) Acoustics), working at BAE Systems (Submarines), UK

"I did the BEng (Hons) ElectroAcoustics Degree graduating in 2000. I now work in acceptance of the Astute Class Submarine from a Signatures (e.g. radiated noise signature) and Airborne Noise (e.g. NAWR, habitability) point of view. Even though I may not daily use all of the things learned on the course I believe it is the concepts that I learned in my time at Salford that bring great benefit to my current role, and that the variety offered by the course is good at establishing a baseline of knowledge. The course has provided me with an excellent background in the physical principles of sound and vibration and also useful tools for analysing, understanding and controlling sound and vibration (namely maths, computer modelling and digital processing techniques). The environmental type modules have been useful to help me understand and explain the issues of noise complaints, town planning, building regulations, noise at work etc.

The placement year in the university prepared me for working in acoustics and I got valuable experience of planning, doing and analysing results of trials. The coursework (including dissertation) prepared me for reporting work, working to deadlines, and working in teams. The quality management module and the project management aspect of doing large projects made me aware of skills I have had to build on and develop to deal with a project as large as the Astute Project. The examinations prepared me for dealing with questions quickly and providing feasible off the cuff responses to technical questions.

In summary I would recommend anyone interested in a sound career gives this course (or similar) serious consideration."