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Graduate Profiles

Patrick Heneghan , BSc(Hons) Professional Sound and Video Technology, ioko ltd

"Hello All,

I thought you would be pleased to know that I am a week and a half through a 6 month Graduate Training Scheme at 'ioko' in York. Yes, that's 'ioko' with a little 'i' - very important apparently... (

I am in a group of 4 graduates, all of whom are training towards becoming 'Junior Developers' after 6 months. This is the first graduate training scheme they have run - up until now they have taken on one graduate at a time, so we are the guinea pigs.

The company do all kinds of IT work, but their focus at the moment is VOD (video on demand) for which they build the systems for Sky, ITV and C4. The company seems very good, the people here really know their stuff and work very hard, but are friendly and laid back. I'm very happy here so far.

I chose this job over some other better paid jobs I saw, one of the reasons being I felt it would be a nurturing environment to begin my career in, and it is indeed that. We each have mentors and other support avenues, and at the same time we have real live projects to work on. It's a bit like being back at uni really, studying books and learning new things every day, only now I'm getting paid!

Just wanted to say thanks to all of you for helping me to get here!

I will keep in touch to let you know how it goes.