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Graduate Profiles

Sean Hill , BSc(Hons) Professional Sound and Video Technology, Visual Storm

"I chose to do the PSVT HND course because I had always had an interest in professional audio and it gave me the opportunity to improve that knowledge and spend lots of time in well equipped recording studios.  As part of the course I was also introduced to filming and post-production, something I had never considered and which I found to be really exciting. By the end of the HND I had gained really useful skills and knowledge in many areas.

At the end of the HND I took the opportunity to continue and do the PSVT BSc Hons top-up. I had really enjoyed the HND and wanted to learn more. I learnt about creating graphical special effects for film, encoding video for DVD, how audio and video encoding such as MP3 works and why it does, all about different types of surround sound and even developing web sites with audio and video in mind.

Now I've finished the BSc I'm spoilt for choice in which area to work and have set up my own new media business (Visual Storm), offering video production for businesses, and of course bands in addition to media rich website development.  I've also become really interested in programming from the web development modules and am teaching myself more so that one day I might be good enough to work in computer games development. And of course the audio knowledge hasn't gone to waste either as I now produce my own music in the evenings!"

Sean, via his company, produced the audio and website for the Manchester Science Places project - an audio tour of scientific sites in Manchester.

Sean has now got a job as a web developer for 3T Productions Ltd., who develop learning solutions for schools and colleges.