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Graduate Profiles

Teerada Huang, MSc Audio Acoustics, and Kenneth Luk, BSc (Hons) Electroacoustics (now BSc (Hons) Acoustics) working at HTC, Taiwan

"Kenneth and I have now been working in the research & development department for mobile devices, e.g. pocketpc, smart phone, in Taiwan. We has been involved since the company (HTC) was established. Therefore, our jobs are to set up the acoustic measurement system for the hardware, transducer components and the telephony related stanadards. Also, we need to design the transducer enclosure, for example, the speaker chamber, the microphone rubber boot, etc. for the mobile handset. Moreover, we also have to develop the DSP to enhance the music playback function in the devices. (Actually, there were only 2 acoustic engineers in this company for the first few years. Thanks God that we got 2 more this year.)

I think in the far east, the demand of acoustic engineers is increasing rapidly since the transducer component manufactures (esp. in China) are expanding. As far as I'm concerned, one of the reason is that the demand of speaker and microphone component is growing to feed to the mobile phone industries."