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Jobs - Noise control engineering and product sound

Testing sound from drill

Vacuum cleaners, car engines, air conditioning units - many products make unpleasant sounds, and engineers have to ensure they aren't too noisy or annoying. Some companies go even further, and engineer the sound of products to make them more desirable (the best example of this being the design of car door closures to make the car sound more expensive). Typical roles:

  • Designing ventilation and heating systems to be quiet enough for a studio complex.
  • Measurement and assessment of noise from truck brakes.
  • Measuring people's perception of car exhaust noise.
  • Predicting the noise level from lawn mowers and other outdoor products.
  • Assessing whether products are a danger to hearing.

If you want to get involved in the noise control engineering or product sound, you need a technical degree which gives you the mathematical grounding to cope with modern design methods. study the BEng Audio Acoustics with the acoustic engineering pathway . The MSc Audio Acoustics or MSc Environmental Acoustics would also provide a good training.

Many acoustic consultancies also carry out design of building services.

Some companies who have employed our graduates: BAE Systems, Bentley, Bruel and Kjaer, Consumers Association, Dyson, Ferodo UK, Ford, HSE, Rolls Royce, Racal Acoustics, MIRA, National Physical Lab, Sound Research Laboratories

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