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Graduate Profiles

Alan Wood , MSc Audio Acoustics, working at Meridian Audio, UK

"After finishing my Maths degree, I decided that I wanted to start a career in the Audio Industry. After finding out about the MSc course at Salford I decided it would be perfect to give me the knowledge I needed. When I came to Salford I was very impressed with the content of the courses. The material started off with the basics, but quickly built up to a high level. The Tutors were very knowledgeable and most were easy to find to answer questions outside of Tutorial sessions, which I found very useful.

Since leaving Salford I secured a job at Meridian Audio as a Research and Development Engineer. The work I did at Salford was an essential foundation to the work I do everyday now. Primarily my work concerns DSP, but my knowledge from each of the other modules constantly proves useful. I think this is a testament to the choice and relevance of the modules available at Salford."