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Graduate Profiles

Simon Woollard, BSc(Hons) Audio Technology, Mission Loudspeakers

"I chose to study the BSc (hons) degree in Audio Technology at Salford as I wanted to work in the audio industry, and quite fancied designing speakers. The degree offered a wide range of modules that covered all areas of audio, and was endorsed by companies within the industry, so it looked like a safe choice for securing a job post graduation. Having looked at all of the options available, Salford was the best choice for me.

The course gave me a broad knowledge base in virtually all areas of audio and acoustics, really enabling me to choose a career in whichever area I wanted. I particularly enjoyed the modules in transducer design and speech technology, and I enjoyed the freedom of my final year project in which there is the potential to research an area of particular personal interest. I did my project on spatial audio reproduction, and must have enjoyed it to endure the hours of programming that I did!

I am now working as an Acoustics Engineer for Mission, designing speakers for their new Pro division. Immediately after graduation, I went to work for NXT. The course was very influential in my securing this job, as the University has a good working relationship with NXT. In the department that I was working in, there were 4 Salford acoustics graduates from recent years! After 10 months there, I was offered a position at Mission, which has enabled me both to build on my experience in DML (flat panel) design, and to develop experience in conventional loudspeaker design too."