Undergraduate Laboratory

This room is used to teach laboratory skills to our students. Out on the benches you´ll usually see equipment you might recognize, such as signal generators, amplifiers, and oscilloscopes, as well as equipment which is likely to be much less familiar. This includes impedance tubes used to measure acoustic characteristics of materials, PC-based acoustic and electro-acoustic frequency analysers, various loudspeakers and precision microphones, and a selection of purpose-built equipment for psychoacoustic experiments.

Students soldering in the undergraduate lab

There is also a semi-anechoic room within the undergraduate laboratory. This is a room where sound reflects only from the floor, because the walls and ceiling have been treated to be acoustically absorbent. The semi-anechoic room is structurally isolated from the building and has acoustic doors, resulting in a very ‘quiet’ space. Students measure responses of microphones and loudspeakers in here, and the space is often used for experiments on sound perception.