Projects Laboratory

Undergrad final year project students, taught MSc students and postgraduate researchers have access to this space, which contains a wide variety of equipment extending the capabilities described for the undergrad lab.  Our largest recent lab investment is our scanning laser Doppler interferometer, which enables non-contact measurement of the surface vibrations of all sorts of interesting objects – loudspeakers, headphone and tweeter diaphragms, building elements (metal cladding and skylights to name two recent examples) etc.  Also located in this lab are a range of multi-channel narrowband analysers (B&K, 01dB, OnoSokki) which are used for data acquisition.  We have extensive vibro-acoustic test equipment – IEPE and charge accelerometers, force hammers, tachometers and calibrators.  There are also flow resistivity apparatus for materials characterisation, and vacuum apparatus for loudspeaker investigations where the air-load can be removed.  The group have extensive experience of outdoor sound propagation work, and in separate store are a large variety of microphones, masts, analysers / loggers, and high-power noise sources used for work in this area.

Giant impedance tube