Video Post Production - MediaCityUK

PC based room

We have a range of Mac and PC based post production edit suites. These run a range of software applications including Adobe Creative Suite, Autodesk Suite (3D Studio Max, Maya, Smoke) and Apple Final Cut Pro. The dual HD monitors provide a large workspace area in which to work from, making it easier to edit video when using one or more programs simultaneously. The machines are all connected into our Media Asset Managment system. This system stores both the raw material and the production project. It allows students to share material with each other and to find and re-use appropriate material.

You use this room to make short television programmes. Here, you use our HD solid state cameras to record source material. You then ingest this into the Media Asset Management system. Finally, you edit the material into the final film using a mix of the software applications like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro. The best material will be displayed on the screens around our MediaCityUK building.