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Growing sounds link KS2 &3 Growing Sound

HSW link How Science Works

Lesson starters link Lesson starters

Lesson starters linkKS3/4 resources

Lesson starters linkA-level resources

Contact: Trevor Cox

Science resources for schools and colleges

Acoustics and physics

We have worked with professional science curriculum developers to develop extensive innovative resources for key stages 2,3,4 and 5. These include physics resources to help revision of GCSE Science and A level Physics and AS level Physics.

Key Stage 3 & 4 curriculum resources on sound

GCSE Sounds Amazing logo Curriculum resources

Glass and finger A collection of interactive whiteboard science lesson starters (Teachers TV)

AS and A2 physics revision resources on acoustics and waves

A level Sounds Amazing logo

How Science Works - Teachers TV

Thumbnail link to Teachers TV Two series great curriculum and CPD resources, one includes a program on sound.

Curriculum videos

Thumbnail of video An 8 minute video showing how sound is made.
Downloads: 16MB WMV 9 (720x576) 83MB WMV 9 (320x240)

Shockwave link to Youtube A 5 minute video showing how wind instruments work.
Downloads: 8MB WMV9 (320x240) 62MB WMV9 (720x576)

Growing Sounds - KS 2 and 3

Orange headphones

Cross-curricular activities to teach music, physics and plant science at Key Stages 2 and 3. Making musical instruments out of fruit and vegetables. Videos and curriculum resources.

Fruit Teachers TV programme from the project

Key Stage 2 School toolkit

Art/science tookit: aeolian harps, coat-hanger sounds, tin-can telephones and bullroarers,

Key Stage 3 Outreach materials on Hearing

Activities for classrooms and museums