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Contact: Trevor Cox

Outreach materials for key stage 3

These activities were developed by the Association for Science and Discovery Centres working with Acoustics researchers at Salford and Southampton University. They were developed to be used by science centre staff for school visits. Many of the activities cover aspects of the KS3 science curriculum and could be used in the classroom.

Hearing Tasks

  • Hear the Music: To introduce participants to the event and demonstrate differences in hearing at different frequencies.
  • How do we hear sounds? To find out how hearing works and to understand how loudness is measured
  • Good and bad sounds. To think about what makes a sound good or bad.
  • What makes a noise dangerous? To realise the different factors involved in making a noise dangerous to health
  • What is Hearing Damage? To find out how hearing can be damaged and what a damaged ear structures look like. To experience how hearing loss can affect someone. To look at methods of preventing hearing loss cause by loud noises.
  • Tell your friends. To encourage participants to inform their peers about the potential dangers of sound.

Download detailed outline of tasks

Powerpoint resources for task (200MB)

Group leader cards

Information cards

Task cards

Facilitator cards

Materials for printing

Ear xsection ppt

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