Sounds Amazing is a learning resource for GCSE / Key Stage 4 Science. This site is designed to help students to understand sound and waves. There are acoustic and audio related web demonstrations and experiments. Note: Flash Player 7 Required for most pages. The content is split into six main sections accessible on the left menu bar. Each section covers various aspects of the GCSE science syllabus. The main three lessons (Sound Waves, Wave Equation and Wave Behaviour) can be used as individual interactive lessons at home or in the class room. At the end of each lesson is a short interactive test. You can press the Sounds Amazing button in the top left corner at any time to return to the home page. Click here if you have an 800 x 600 resolution screen, this will open up a new window without the browser navigation bar to leave a bit more room for the content. If you don't know what resolution your screen is click here to find out.

Teachers can visit the Teacher Section here, this contains links to each individual Flash movie, as well as lesson plans, worksheets and specially designed Interactive Whiteboard versions of the three main lessons. Also in this area are some Experiment ideas, these range from printable PDF worksheets to fully interactive Flash online experiments.
PDF DownloadClick here for a PDF User Guide to Sounds Amazing.

This site was developed by the Acoustics Department at the University of Salford.

We will soon be developing an A-Level version of this site, to cover sound and waves for AS and A-Level students. If you have any suggestions for this new site or would like to help in its development and testing please email David Dewhurst (

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