Soundbug™ Ideas
Soundbugs™ use innovative smart materials that create vibrations when an alternating current is passed through them. When a Soundbug™ is applied to a surface the vibrations pass through the surface, this effectively turns the surface into a loudspeaker. To learn more about the FeONIC technology click here.

If you have a Soundbug™ here are a few experiment ideas designed to get pupils thinking about how vibrations and materials interact. If you have a CD of music play it through the computer with the Soundbug™ attached. If not play this MP3 (3MB).

Try attaching the Soundbug™ to:

  • Different samples of materials all of the same size and thickness - Can you notice any differences? Which material generates the loudest sound?
  • Different size pieces of the same material - Which is the loudest? Which gives the lowest and highest frequencies?
  • Varying degrees of thickness of the same material - Do you notice any differences in the quality of the sound?
  • Windows - They may be loud, but can you spot a problem? (Hint: What happens on the other side of the window?)
  • Boxes - Does a metal box sound metallic? Why would this be? (Hint: Try tapping the box with a ruler or hammer; does this sound metallic?)
  • Try and predict how loud and what quality a piece of material will be. Then test it!
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