Sound Insulation Experiment
Click Teacher's Guide PDF for more infomation on setting up and running this experiment.
For this experiment you will need a speaker and a microphone connected to your computer's sound card. This is a fully fledged experiment which allows the pupil to print an initial simulated email with a description of the problem. They then write how they think they will test and solve the problem and what the outcome may be. They are then given detailed instructions on how to carry out the experiment.

The results are recorded and a graph generated automatically. They can then write a conclusion which can be printed for marking. As there is no 'save' function, and all data is kept on the user's computer, if the student goes to a different page, or closes the browser, all data will be lost.
It is therefore recommended that each section is printed off as completed: there are specially formatted black and white pages with instructions on how to print at the end of each section.
If you have any ideas or suggestions for improving this experiment let us know here.

The equipment needed for this experiment is listed below:
1 microphone
1 speaker
1 shoe box
Samples of Cotton Wool,
Paper, Cloth and Tin Foil
1 pair of scissors
1 roll of sticky tape

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Click Here for the Teacher's Guide PDF

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